Tokyo Hotels

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Tokyo hotels, and Japan's tourist trade at large, are well reputed throughout the world. Travelers to Tokyo can expect to find gracious and attentive hosts who spare no expense for the well being of their guests. At the same time, the Japanese can be curiously abashed, presenting an interesting dilemma for lost and confused travelers seeking help in navigating the city.

Part of Tokyo's unique personality is bound up in its history. It is a city that has witnessed near-destruction on many occasions from invading armies, nuclear threats, and natural disasters. Nary a flood or earthquake film is produced by Hollywood that spares Tokyo from obliteration, a choice undoubtedly influenced by the country's island environment, which lends itself to natural catastrophes.

Finding Tokyo Hotels

Getting information on Tokyo hotels once you're in Tokyo is somewhat more difficult than it is working from home. Although most service workers speak English, the language barrier still presents an obstacle for many Westerners, even those already familiar with the culture. For this reason it's often easiest to make your accommodations through an internet-based service that presents rates, amenities, and tourist info in your own native language.

Tokyo hotels with recognizable international names are always available to those who prefer the familiarity of a Hilton or Ritz-Carlton. Still, it can be a more rewarding to stay in a more provincial setting away from the major tourist drags in the Land of the Rising Sun. It's there that visitors tend to find the most authentic cultural experiences.

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