Ballsbridge Hotels

Written by James Bruce
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When you get to Ballsbridge, Ireland, where there are certainly a lot of nice hotels to stay in, do you have any idea what to do for fun? Most people know about the pubs and the historic sites, and those are certainly worth the trip all by themselves. Still, you can't spend your entire trip gunning pints and looking at old castles. Then again, maybe you could. . .

Entertainment In Ballsbridge, Ireland

It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, when in Ireland, you must take in professional Rugby. Just a word of warning, be careful about who you root for, and don't get overcharged about a particular play. The Irish take the game very seriously, and fights have been known to break out, but that's just part of the fun. Sometimes, as Americans, we don't quite get it.

Sports in other countries are different mainly because there is such a national identity with a particular team, not just a local identity. Think about the way you feel during the Olympics when an athlete from home does well. That's how an Irish fan might feel all the time. Now just imagine the match is between the Irish and the British, and you have the makings of an intense grudge.

From sports to dining to music, you're going to have a great chance to see and be a part of a really interesting, passionate culture. Even the hotels, which are of course designed to be tourist friendly, are truly Irish, with foods you wouldn't get here in the States, certainly not made correctly in the States anyway. The various tour packages offered are useful, giving you an eyeful of some classic Irish buildings and a good historic perspective. Don't be afraid to step off of the tourist routes though, and experience Ireland for yourself.

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