Discount Dublin Hotels

Written by James Bruce
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Some years ago, a vacation to a European nation was actually pretty cheap. The dollar was strong, the economy overseas was bad, so a traveler's dollar went pretty far. Currently the playing field has been leveled a bit, so one has to work a little bit to get a bargain vacation. You can still stretch your dollar, you just have to be a little more choosy about where you'll stay.

Discount Tips

There are packages in Ireland that include both your room, and tours of castles and churches. The thing is, when you price it out, you are often better off doing these things separate from each other. Getting a great hotel, with all the basics you care about, and handling the sightseeing with someone else can actually cut your costs by as much as 25 percent.

Eating out is where a lot of your money ends up getting spent, but it doesn't have to cost an excessive amount. First, you don't have to spend every meal at a fancy restaurant anyway. What you want is authentic Irish food, and hey, you're in Ireland, so get some food at a pub. Just as you wouldn't take someone from Europe to just fancy places, you would stop for a hot dog or a burger, you want to be at the places where the real Irish people live.

That's not to say that you can't get some fancy perks, like dining or a well done room--you can. What you do is you look at the bells and whistles, and you decide what it is you really want from your Irish vacation. In the end, what you'll probably want is a good, clean, comfortable bed, from which you can go and see the real Ireland.

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