Dublin Bed And Breakfasts

Written by James Bruce
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There are a lot of places on the Earth that make for an incredible vacation, each with some very unique offerings. For my money though, it is very hard to beat the splendor and rich history of Ireland. From ancient kings and their castles, to quaint pubs on grassy knolls, it is life lived at the proper speed, but then again, I'm Irish.

Strange Facts and Great Eats

At one point in history, a group of people in Salem with a particular religious conviction waged holy war against people they thought were witches. As we look back on this sad point in history, many find it particularly sad because witches don't even exist, yet particular people were persecuted, and some were killed. As it turns out though, witches do exist, just not quite the ones we think of.

In Ireland, an ancient religion is still practiced by some people who identify themselves as witches. It is a pagan religion much kinder and gentler then it is portrayed in western stories. While it remains a fairly minor practice today, it survives because for whatever reason, Ireland never went through dark days of drowning witches. This also probably explains why Ireland has such a diverse religious history.

It's important to get a sense of the religious history of Ireland, because it has left such a distinct imprint on the landscape. When you visit you'll see it in the architecture, both ancient and modern, where a sense of wonder for the divine has inspired many people to create interesting visions. In particular, you'll want to pay a visit to some of the ancient Catholic churches that still stand today.

Nothing begins and ends a perfect vacation day like experiencing the cozy atmosphere of a bed and breakfast. Many of Dublin's fine establishments will send you out in the morning with a hearty Irish breakfast, and welcome you into a warm sitting room in the evening, after your adventures.

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