Dublin Budget Accommodations

Written by James Bruce
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When you add up the cost of air travel, food and all the other incidental expenses, a trip to Ireland isn't for the faint of heart. It's enough that even the most well to do traveler might be tempted to spend their time on a diet of boiled potatoes. Still, what you'll get in experience is more than worth the trouble, and if you shop around, you can actually save a little money on accommodations.

On the Cheap

Here is what you don't need: You don't need a hotel that serves food morning, noon and night. A continental breakfast is probably all you really need, because you are on vacation with the intent of experiencing Ireland. Never leaving the hotel is probably not the tactic you are going to adopt.

That being said: Nice hotels with TV, laundry facilities and other amenities can be had for under 60 Euro. How much that really translates for your budget is going to depend on the economy. At the moment, the Euro is really strong over the dollar, so anywhere you can save some money is probably good.

You can get a place to stay that includes a tour, but again, do you really need that? In the first place, it turns out that taking an historic tour separate from the place you stay can actually be cheaper, and in the second place, to really "get" Ireland you're probably going to want to spend time exploring on your own.

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