Dublin Gay Accommodations

Written by James Bruce
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Being gay in today's world you deal with a lot of prejudice, but as it turns out, there is one area where a person can count on being treated equally. That area is when it comes to your entertainment dollar. Economics and the realities of the disposable income have made catering to the needs of the gay community the smart move.

Pink Power In Dublin

Frankie's Guesthouse in Dublin is specifically geared towards the gay and lesbian population, to create an environment where you feel safe and welcome. The owners, Frankie and Joe, are even always available to help you find the hot nightspots. This is just one example of how Dublin has worked to attract the gay community and the spending o' the green.

There are a number of gay themed restaurants and bars in Dublin, making this an attractive place for your vacation. Of course this doesn't mean you should neglect all the other things Ireland has to offer. This is a country with a rich history, and an amazing natural landscape.

All over the hills, you'll find ancient castles, churches, and a host of other fascinating structures from an era long gone. You'll also find that the natural splendor of Ireland has been well preserved, by a people who love Ireland for all it's worth. As the years have been punctuated with strife, the people of Ireland have learned just how precious heritage is, and just how easily it could be lost. One thing is for sure--when you leave, you'll take a piece of Ireland with you in your heart.

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