Dublin Ireland Vacations

Written by James Bruce
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The history of Ireland is one that begins with overlapping conflicts and cultural diversity. For one thing, the Vikings were always trying to get a foothold in the land, and in fact, at one time it was a Viking king who led Dublin. This legacy can be seen all over the countryside, with castles and strongholds still dotting the landscape.

Vacation In Yesterday

Those who make the journey here are often amazed at just how much of the old world still remains. It's a quality of the people, because part of being Irish is having a strong identification with the past. There are many reasons this might be true, but probably the biggest is the British. When someone works hard to try and take your national identity, you work that much harder to retain and appreciate it.

As an Irish-American, some of my earliest memories are of hearing jokes about Irish drinkers. What always sticks out in my mind is that I heard these jokes primarily from my fellow Irishmen. A sense of humor is a big part of what being Irish is about, and you can see it on display in the many different forms of literature that abound. Even the whimsical legends showcase the Irish habit of winking at yourself, never quite taking life so seriously.

So when you get to Ireland, take in some serious sightseeing of ancient castles and churches, and the stunning countryside. But also make sure to stop in a pub, grab a pint, and play a game of darts. Ireland is a country best experienced at a comfortable pace, not in a rush.

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