Dublin Temple Bar Hotels

Written by James Bruce
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One of the more popular hotels in Dublin is the Dublin Temple Bar hotel, host to both private vacation patrons and major corporate events. With over 130 rooms, cocktails and dining, and a centralized location, the appeal is pretty obvious. It helps that the hotel is also an internationally rated three star hotel.

Dublin Temple's Location

You are actually not that far from many famous tourist sites, including the actual remains of a Viking village. You're near world class golfing, and a wealth of pubs, restaurants and clubs. You actually don't have to go very far for a good pint, as the hotel itself is home to a popular pub.

While you are in Ireland, you may want to take in a professional rugby game. The fans are intense here in Dublin, and if you've never been to a rugby match, it's an eye opener. Rugby is a full contact sport enjoyed by fans who consider football a little quiet.

There are music festivals in Dublin all year round, but they are particularly good in spring, as the weather gets nice. Of course you can listen to interesting modern music, but you should make a point of taking in authentic Irish folk music. It's a cultural experience that will enrich you for the rest of your life.

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