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Written by James Bruce
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There is a lot to see when you visit Dublin, from quaint pubs and cafes, to historic sites. Before Ireland was a unified country, it was home to a lot of kings fighting for supremacy. Today many of the historical structures remain for the curious visitor to enjoy.

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The Viking city of Dyflin is a popular tourist attraction, as it has been well excavated and provides an interesting glimpse at what life must have been like in the days of the Norse gods. A lot of artifacts have been recovered here, and you'll be able to walk the original narrow streets where Vikings once lived. Dublin itself was once ruled by the Vikings, until they were defeated by the Normans.

Speaking of the Normans: On a hill where there once stood a Viking fort stands Dublin Castle, first built in 1204, and rebuilt after the fire of 1684. It was the palace of Irish Viceroys and English Kings and Queens, until 1922, when British rule ended. It's a historic site you must see, and it remains a vibrant part of modern Ireland as well, hosting many official state events, including the inauguration of many Irish Presidents.

Visitors to Ireland are attracted to castles and cathedrals and many other sacred locations, but there is one religious experience you simply can't miss. In 1759, Arthur Guinness founded the brewery that bears his name, and it is a major attraction. You'll find a pint tastes a lot better there than it does in the States, so the fact that the tour ends with a tasting is worth the trip to the brewery, and in fact, it's worth the trip to Ireland.

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