Dublin Trinity College Hotels

Written by James Bruce
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In 1592 there was a movement in Ireland towards starting a university, with the goal of becoming a major institution of learning. It was a good goal, but at the start, the "university" was basically a small tract of land and only a few fellows. Today it is an internationally-respected institution, and students from all over the world come here to study a wide variety of subjects.

Welcome To Trinity

Like all of Ireland, the history of Dublin's Trinity College is one of peace and prosperity periodically shaken by war. In the very early years, this was a Protestant college primarily, reflecting the attitude of the times. Today, Ireland is very diverse, and as a result, Trinity has become more diverse, with a wider range of scholastic offerings.

In the area around Trinity college are a variety of fine hotels, perfect for those on vacation or students thinking about coming here. Every year students from over 70 countries attend the university, many putting special focus on learning the history of Ireland. Though there is always going to be a high percentage of Irish students, one of the goals of Trinity is to maintain and expand the diversity represented by the student populace.

Of course hotels aren't cheap, but they can be for students, particularly if they intend to study here. Long term rates and discount rates are available for students. You may also be able to room with someone, and in some cases you may actually be able to get help finding someone to room with.

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