Dublin Vacation Packages

Written by James Bruce
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If you're planning a trip to Dublin, there are a lot of great vacation packages available. A typical room can cost between 50 and 300 Euro, depending upon the hotel. Since the Euro is stronger than the dollar right now, with the exchange rate it's actually a little more expensive, so package deals are a must if you are on a budget.

Discount Vacation Packages

Some hotels offer a break based on how long you are staying in the hotel, typically around 10 percent. At the discounted rate you'll still get whatever meals and perks are normally included with the room. Keep in mind that if you are planning on staying in a single with another person, there is usually a sharing price.

Many hotels offer group rates, and depending upon the size of your party, the discount can be more than 10 percent. With the group rate, you usually have to book the rooms in advance, and you may have to put a deposit down. You should also know that to get the group rate, you are guaranteeing people, and if someone doesn't show, you still pay.

Some hotels include tours in the price of the room. This is a mixed blessing, because while you do get to see some interesting things, you are tied to the schedule you are given. Many people find they prefer a looser schedule, especially since the big draw of this vacation is Dublin and the Irish people themselves.

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