Hotels In Dublin Ireland

Written by James Bruce
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Ireland is a popular tourist destination, and like any tourist destination, there are a lot of great hotels. However, unlike other locations, you aren't trying to get near great ski conditions, or some fancy theme park. The ideal locations for a good Irish vacation are classic, in areas where the past is preserved and respected. A stay in Dublin isn't about running around and trying to stay busy, it's about slowing down and drinking in your surroundings.

Legends Breathe

No doubt you are familiar with the story of leprechauns, who if caught will grant you great wealth. Actually, they represent only a small part of the fairies of Irish legend, and they are a bit dishonest anyway. As it turns out, once the leprechaun gets away, any money he (or she) may have given you will turn to ash or leaves. These legends are based on real religious beliefs, and these beliefs were rooted in a great respect and awe for the green hills of Ireland.

St. Patrick is the most famous legendary figure in Irish stories, and his life is a mixture of myth and truth. In many ways, the stories told of St. Patrick chasing the snakes out of Ireland and other legends represent a kind of bridge between when Ireland moved away from pagan beliefs towards Christianity. Today the chapel of St. Patrick still exists, as do many other amazing locations where magic is said to have lived.

While in Dublin you may opt to stay in a fancy hotel, with all the modern conveniences. You'll enjoy fine dining and the famous night life for an attractive and lively vacation. But while you are enjoying all of the touristy fun things, don't forget to just take a walk on the hills, and make a stop in a good pub. Because it is in the green of the grass and in the eyes of the people where your real Irish vacation will come alive.

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