Places To Stay In Dublin

Written by James Bruce
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A vacation to another country is a dream for many people, and certainly Ireland is on many lists of possible destinations. Dublin is a beautiful city with a fascinating history, great music, and lots to do. Of course taking that trip isn't cheap, so here are a few tips that can save you some money.

Dublin Vacation Tips

If you aren't planning a trip during peak vacation days it's probably not a big deal, but if you plan on going near St. Patrick's Day or other peak travel times (spring in general), you'll want to book far in advance. In the first place, during the holidays rooms fill up fast, and in the second place, as rooms become scarce, the price goes up. Some hotels are actually taking reservations a year in advance, but even a six month grace period can help you save money.

Right now the dollar isn't doing well internationally, so here is a little tip. The exchange rate actually changes on an almost daily basis, so if you keep up on the rates you can find a good day to exchange and get a better rate. You'll quite literally have more money for your vacation by doing this, and again, long term planning helps.

If you don't mind being a little bit on the outskirts of Dublin, hotels are actually cheaper. The problem of course is that now you have to deal with transportation to and from prime spots. If you are taking a lot of tours on your vacation, you are better off going for a centralized location; if it's more of a loose vacation, soaking in the culture, you can afford to stay a little off the beaten path.

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