Visit Dublin

Written by James Bruce
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In 1881 the city of Dublin was only a village, and it measured .23 square miles. Today it's quite a bit bigger, with a population topping 37,000 residents, and thousands of visitors a year. Like any town trying to attract tourists, there are music festivals all year round, and great historic tours. There are also great rugby games (for those who don't know, rugby is a game for people who consider football a little tame).

Come To Dublin

If you have your choice of dates to come, this is certainly the place to be on St. Patrick's Day. Every year there is a huge parade through Dublin and great revelry on St. Stephen's Green, including a lot of traditional dancing and general merrymaking. To be in the country where this holiday began will give you a great sense of what it really means.

Another celebration that's well worth your time is Bloomsday, which occurs every year on June 16th. The holiday was created to celebrate Irish author James Joyce, and his masterpiece Ulysses. In fact, you'll find quite a lot of art and literature celebrated during your visit, as it is a source of great pride for the Irish.

Even without taking an organized tour, you'll find quite a lot to keep you busy, between ancient castles, stunning cathedrals, and authentic Irish music. Of course, you should also take some time for good meals and a stop at a pub. Ireland is first and foremost about the people, and the experience of meeting real Irish lads and lassies is one you'll treasure on the long walk home (metaphoric walk, of course--you should probably fly).

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