Accommodation In Venice Italy

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Accommodation in Venice Italy is the most expensive in the country. It's the simple law of supply and demand: There are simply more people that want to see Venice than there are rooms. Prices now go as high as the market will bear.

If you're thinking that accommodation in Venice Italy will be more affordable during the off-season, think again. There IS no off-season in Venice Italy anymore. Although the Venice Tourism board says that Season is officially March 15 through November 15 and December 21 through January 6, most hotels don't ever drop their prices, because they don't have to. Demand for rooms runs high year round.

Your Accommodation in Venice Italy Options

Should you decide you simply must find accommodation in Venice Italy proper, then make sure you book at least three months in advance. If you plan to visit in June, July or August, book six months or more in advance. If you call a "room booking service" in Venice to help find a hotel, make sure you know where they're trying to find you accommodation. Many of these services book people into hotels in outlying, unlovely areas half an hour away like Mestre and Jessolo.

If it ends you that you have to travel to Venice anyway, you might consider staying somewhere that's actually a lovely place to stay in and of itself. Most places found in Mestre are pretty much just a spot to sleep. There are many country hotels near Venice that are no farther away than Mestre but are in much more interesting environments with possibly better service and amenities.

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