Apartment Rentals Venice Italy

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Apartment rentals in Venice Italy, within the city itself, are very rare. Demand for Venice lodging has never been higher. There is also the unfortunate reality that there is virtually no "off-season" any longer. As a result, availability of good apartment rentals has plummeted, while prices have skyrocketed.

However, your options and choices are considerably increased if you consider staying in apartment rentals in Venice Italy that are located a little out of town. More and more, regions outside of Venice itself are considered viable, desirable locations to stay during Venetian holidays. Anything within an hour's drive of Venice could be considered extremely convenient, especially during particularly high travel times, such as June, July and August.

Advantages to Apartment Rentals Venice Italy Over Standard Hotel Rooms

That said, apartment rentals Venice Italy and environsare a wonderful option to standard hotel rooms. Apartment rentals provide privacy and more room to breathe. Having a kitchen, too, instead of just a mini-fridge in a hotel room, really gives the impression of having a home away from home.

Another advantage distinct to apartment rentals in the country is the amount of outdoor space they may have. Personal space in Venice is a vanishing commodity. However, apartments and villas in the country tend to be on "property." This extra green space allows for picnics, outdoor play, or simple time spent outdoors.

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