Bed And Breakfast Lake Garda Italy

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Bed and breakfast Lake Garda Italy establishments are practical lodging options for Lake Garda vacations. Fine bed and breakfast hotels and inns tend to offer more personal service than larger hotels. This is sometimes due to the fact that many B&Bs are often operated by the very families that own the property.

In addition to the breakfast on their menus, some bed and breakfasts may also have restaurants on site, which can make choosing where to go for dinner much easier. This could be very welcome after coming home from a full day of windsurfing, sailing or scuba diving in Lake Garda. Plus, there is something to be said about an establishment that knows your name and already exactly how you like your steak.

Bed and Breakfast Lake Garda Italy: Sneaking a Peek in Their Online Guestbooks

Determining which B&B is right for you is much easier these days thanks to the Internet. Many B&Bs, just like other lodgings, have virtual "guestbooks" that you can review. Of course, chances are slim that they'd publish any negative comments, but if you examine even the positive comments closely, you can probably discern what amenities the B&B prides itself on.

For instance, it's good to spot repeated mentions of good service, and personal attention. Other things to determine would be what the menu is, how the restaurant looks, and if they seem proud of the food they serve. Another strong indicator of the overall quality of a bed and breakfast Lake Garda Italy lodging, or any lodging for that matter, are comments from repeat guests, if you can find them. The strongest recommendation anyone can give is the mere fact that they've returned more than once to any hotel. It's usually a dead giveaway for a really good find.

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