Bologna Italy

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Bologna Italy remains a curiously undiscovered gem, which can make for a refreshing change after the crushing tourist throngs in Venice and Florence. Granted, Bologna can't boast anything as flashy as Doge's Palace. Nonetheless, there are more than enough points of interest to occupy several leisurely days of exploration.

Bologna Italy itself is considered one of the most beautiful cities in all of Italy. She has marble sidewalks and lovely porticos. She has multiple fountains and sculptures. A sienna-colored sea of mellowed red roofs radiate outward from the medieval center of town.

Bologna Italy: Mama Mia--What's for Dinner?

If the beauty of Bologna Italy isn't enough to convince you to make the trip, here are two words: The Food. Italians from all over the country practically make pilgrimages to Bologna in order to dine in her restaurants. Food and wine are the cornerstones of the Bolognese lifestyle. Nicknamed "The Fat" ("La Grassa"), the Bolognese take food very seriously. Myths and legends abound regarding the origins of local dishes. For instance, it is said in Bologna that tortellini was made by a local when trying to duplicate the perfection of the navel of Venus.

When visiting Italy's food capital, you don't have to go to fancy restaurants to find top-quality cuisine. Don't be swayed by expensive menus and ambience. Even simple looking restaurants in Bologna Italy tend to serve food prepared to a higher standard than you'd find almost anywhere else.

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