Chioggia Italy

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Chioggia Italy is located, not by bus but by boat, 10 kilometers south of Venice. Chioggia is affectionately known as "Little Venice" because of her stunning architecture, medieval churches, and narrow picturesque canals. But happily for those who discover her, unlike her famous namesake Chioggia Italy remains fairly tourist free.

Mentioned in literature as early as Roman times, Chioggia Italy was once the fishing capitol of the north Adriatic. It was the extraordinary wealth from this industry that allowed Chioggia's city leaders to hire the same master architects that made Venice so breathtaking. Chioggia is very picturesque, and a quite charming place to visit.

Gone Fishin' in Chioggia Italy

To this day, Chioggia remains one of Italy's major fishing ports. Generation after generation of life-long fisherman have made Chioggia their home. Colorful boats of all varieties dot the lagoon like shiny marbles. Time seems to move more slowly here, and you get a sense of what life has always been like for those that make their living off the sea.

Being a fisherman's town, there are the appropriate number of excellent restaurants, featuring right-off-the-boat-fresh seafood. As you'd expect in a town of sea-hardened fisherman and their families, there are plenty of places to leisurely knock back a drink and tell a story. The limestone streets, city squares and colorful plazas are filled with sidewalk cafes, charming shops and unusual markets out in the open air. Though you can see all her sights in a day, it may take you a bit longer before you're ready to leave this little fishing town.

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