Country Hotels In Italy

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Country hotels in Italy are, perhaps, the most "Italian" lodging you can find. Including you in "La Dolce Vita" with their food, conversation, and beautiful environs, there may be no lodging more welcoming than country hotels in Italy.

Country hotels in Italy can be considerably more idyllic and romantic than their urban counterparts. The northeastern Italian countryside is very picturesque. And just like anywhere else, people that live and work in the country tend to be a little more relaxed than their city friends, which can make your vacation more relaxed as well.

Country Hotels in Italy Get You Away From It All, Among Friends

Another wonderful advantage of country hotels is that, at least in northeastern Italy, they're still really close to all the popular city spots you'd want to visit. So you can wake up in pastoral splendor, like something out of an E.M. Forster novel, yet within half an hour be dining on tortellini in Bologna, birdwatching in the Delta del Po, trying on shoes in Verona, or crying on a gondola in Venice.

Country hotels, too, are reputed to still practice the "old world" hospitality that Italy was once famous for. If you find a country hotel that's well-appointed, with a good restaurant and a good staff, it's almost like discovering you've got family in the old country. Country hotels tend to inspire loyalty in their guests. Many people come back to "their little places" year after year.

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