Ferrara Italy

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Ferrara Italy is a relatively undiscovered gem within Northern Italy. Located between Bologna and Venice, most visitors stop off only briefly en route to more famous destinations. However, you may be very happy to devote more time to this beautiful, medieval city.

Ferrara was once the estate of the powerful Este family, which commissioned artists like Michelangelo and Da Vinci during the renaissance. Ultimately, the family line went dry, and the estate and surrounding countryside was absorbed by the Papacy in the 16th century. Ferrara was left neglected and fell deeply into decline for over two centuries. Today, Ferrara is back on her feet and well worth a visit.

Highlights of Ferrara Italy

First of all, the city itself is amazingly beautiful. The castle dominates the center of town, complete with moat and drawbridge. Though much of the Este Palace's original furnishings and artwork were pillaged and pilfered, the faded frescoes and architecture remain breathtaking, and--for those of you that like your history with a little dose of the dark--the dungeon is also available for viewing.

Much of Ferrara Italy was built during medieval times, and the streets are extremely narrow. However, that doesn't keep artists and musicians off them. In the summer months, the streets of Ferrara Italy are crowded with buskers, dancers, poets--and musicians. Plenty of musicians. Music fills the air all over Padua, both from the buskers playing on the streets, and from the open windows of the many bars, restaurants and cafes.


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