Hotels In Verona Italy

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Hotels in Verona Italy are plentiful, expensive, and booked far, far in advance. The most affordable hotels in Verona Italy start around $130.00 a night and go up from there. Moderate prices average around $300 for a basic double; basic rooms in high end hotels start around $500.

Room rates are high because demand is high. Verona hosts several annual events that draw huge crowds above and beyond the daily tourist shuffle. The opera and theatrical seasons are simply packed from March through September, making available hotels in Verona Italy hard to come by.

Hotels in Verona Italy: Advantages to Booking Out of Town

Because of the double whammy of hard to book and hard on the pocketbook, many travelers find that they get more for their money by staying slightly out of town. There are a number of charming hotels in interesting villages and hamlets just off the beaten track that are more than worth the brief commute. Plus, hotels situated out of town often provide a more convenient central base from which to explore all of northeastern Italy.

If you do choose to stay in a place that's located a little out of Verona, make sure it has the amenities to make any commuting time worthwhile. For instance, staying in a beautiful place beats staying in an ulgy place anyday. Check for pictures on websites. On-site restaurants are a good thing to look for, too, as are recreational options like swimming pools or golf courses.

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