Italian Bed And Breakfast

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Italian bed and breakfast accommodations come in two main varieties. There's the small cottage or hotel where innkeepers provide simple breakfast breads and coffee free of charge, which you can enjoy either in a communal dining room or in the privacy of your suite. The other B&B option is typically a midsize hotel with restaurant attached. In this case, breakfast may or may not actually be included in the room rent, but you do have the option of having a prepared breakfast (or lunch, or dinner) without leaving the property.

Provided they actually care about the food they serve, either of these types of Italian bed and breakfast inns can be very convenient. Check on their websites, or their advertisements in a travel magazine if they boast about their food. If they do, you may have lucked into a real deal.

Benefits of Staying in an Italian Bed and Breakfast

The obvious benefits of choosing Italian bed and breakfast accommodations are savings and/or convenience. Although breakfast tends to be the least expensive meal of the day, over the course of a vacation even biscotti and espresso add up. Continental breakfasts provided by B and Bs offer a little perk at the start of every morning.

Although the term "bed and breakfast" used to specifically mean lodging that served a full breakfast as part of the rental agreement, times have changed. The term can now mean that the inn/hotel/lodge simply has a restaurant on its property. Though the savings benefit won't play here, the element of convenience certainly does. Searching out a new restaurant every day of vacation can, over time, be tiresome. Plus, no matter what meal you're looking for, it can be nice to head downstairs where the waiters know your name and bring you your food the way they know you like it.

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