Lake Garda Holidays

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Lake Garda holidays are appealing to both outdoor enthusiasts and food and wine buffs. Considered a windsurfer's paradise, Lake Garda is great for fun-in-the-sun folks who enjoy watersports, hiking, fishing or sailing. And Lake Garda offers plenty of bounty for the foodie, thanks to both plentiful local wineries (tastings are scheduled frequently all over town) and the plethora of restaurants featuring fresh off the boat seafood.

Lake Garda holidays pretty much revolve around the lake itself. Lake Garda is the largest of the northeastern Italian lakes at 32 miles long and 12 miles wide. Created when a glacier shoved her way through the continent 15 million years ago, the region is majestically beautiful. Peaks two thousand meters high jut dramatically out of the lake. Olive trees run riot down to the shoreline. Lemon and orange trees perfume the air.

Lake Garda Holidays: Food, Wine, and La Dolce Vita

The community of Lake Garda was built by fisherman, and their influence remains keenly felt. On Fridays, market is held where the fisherman bring in their catch of the day, and one popular pastime involves sitting in the local bars watching the fisherman outdo each other in the selling of their bounty. In July, moonlit dinners on fishing boats in the middle of the lake are a popular annual event. In August, annual rowboat races draw locals and tourists alike.

And not to forget: Lake Garda holidays wouldn't be complete without watersports. Considered a world class windsurfing spot, the lake is a popular destination with boaters, scuba divers, sailors and skiers. And don't let inexperience hold you back. There are plenty of licensed watersports instructors plus a specialized scuba diving school.

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