Lake Garda Italy Hotels

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Lake Garda Italy hotels are often impressively pedigreed. Lake Garda has been a magnet for recreation for centuries. The area is rich with castles and estates dating back 500 years or more. But running a castle these days isn't what it used to be. Many descendants have met the demands and realities of the modern age, and have converted their historic homes into some really top-notch Lake Garda Italy hotels.

If you're a romantic, the charm of a centuries-old estate (assuming it's been updated with modern conveniences, of course) can be pretty heady. Provided restoration was done with care and attention to the details of the age, hotels like these can feel like a window into the past. Some of these converted estates that are now Lake Garda Italy hotels have managed to retain their grounds, and now feature private gardens and swimming pools.

Practical Tips When Staying in Lake Garda Italy Hotels

First and foremost: you don't want to hear "Conosco solo qualche frase di italiano." Unless you can turn off the subtitles while watching La Dolce Vita, make sure the hotel staff is English speaking. While you may think it would be fun to try and learn Italian on vacation, the charm of figuring it out as you go disappears fast when you've lost your room key, can't find the phone, or are in need of a washroom.

Secondly, two words: air-conditioning. When it comes to creature comforts like cool air in a hot summer, check what kind of climate control the hotel in question offers. You want the feeling of history, not the reality.

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