Rental Housing In Venice Italy

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Rental housing in Venice Italy comes in as many shapes and sizes as can be imagined. You can choose from bed and breakfasts, villa rentals, private apartments, or luxury hotels. Virtually every kind of rental housing in Venice Italy you can imagine exists out there somewhere.

But as Steven Sondheim said, "Dreams come true; not free." Venetian rental prices are steep, and reservations must be made far in advance. Still, with advance planning and a little research you can most likely have any kind of rental housing in Venice Italy you can afford.

General Tips About Rental Housing in Venice Italy

Moneywise tip: Demand for lodging in Venice has never been higher. Prices for lodging have never been higher. Travelers are now increasingly making the choice to investigate rental housing that is actually located off the island. By doing so, you'll find that not only do you pay a lot less, you'll also get a lot more for your money.

Be advised that many places that advertise themselves as "Venice lodging" may actually be situated in one of the urban "suburbs" of Venice. They're only half an hour away, but all the same, they're not very attractive places. If one is going to be traveling some small distance anyway, it's worth considering one of the many unexplored, charming hamlets instead.

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