Tuscany Villas With Pools

Written by Liza Hartung
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When it's a hot day outside and you've got the day off, or better yet, you're on vacation, you'll probably want to take a dip in a pool. In fact, you may want to stay poolside all day. If you've got kids, they can play in the water as much as they like, making up games with pool toys. Perhaps you're more suited to catch some rays and occasionally cool off by swimming some laps.

We all know what it's like to stay at a hotel that has a pool. You've got to get there early to get a seat. There are tons of screaming kids. Someone inevitably brings a boom box blasting the exact music that you hate. Well, what if you had your own private pool outside your own private villa in Tuscany, Italy? If that mental image alone doesn't make you relax a little, re-read the question.

A Cool View

These pools aren't anything like what you'll find at hotels. Lush green trees, rolling hillsides and the occasional view of such artful historic places as Florence, surround them. So many of us are used to pools plopped down in the middle of concrete masses with the view of neighboring hotels. Some people will avoid hotel pools because the pools make them feel as if they haven't gone anywhere.

Hanging out by a pool at a Tuscan villa is a vacation in itself. You can't help but breathe a little deeper, talk a little slower, laugh a little louder and genuinely forget about your troubles. With some villas, you'll be sharing the pool with other guests. However, you usually share your space with no more than 15 to 20 people at one time.

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