Veneto Lodging

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Veneto lodging options run the gamut in terms of space, service and amenities. You can find everything between spots just for sleep, and places to live. With a little planning, research, and flexibility you can find any type of Veneto lodging you desire.

Veneto Lodging: Inexpensive, Mid-Range, Expensive

Simple accommodations throughout the Veneto include student hostels providing places to crash for very reasonable rates, and campsites that can be fun for those happy to rough it. Facilities like this can be located sometimes through the websites of local tourist boards. These fun-on-a-budget places are very popular with students.

Mid-range accommodations include just about every type of Veneto lodging there is. There are family-run country hotels to choose from, villas with B&B service, private apartments, renovated villas, even historic estates that have been converted into hotels. Depending on location, mid-range Veneto lodging can be either lower-end hotels and motels within the city limits of popular destinations, or establishments offering superior amenities and service that are located slightly out of town. If you can afford to be a little flexible in terms of location, you can find enviable locations for reasonable rates.

Upper-range accommodations are as varied as mid-range. Surprisingly, corporate run-of-the-mill hotels with average service may be among the most expensive you'll find in Italy. Of course there are also many luxe, world-class hotels located in the historic cities of Venice, Verona, Padua and Bologna. Whether or not these places are worth the money you'll spend to stay there is completely dependent on how important it is to you to be within walking distance of places like the Doge's Palace.

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