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Venice Hotels

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The dreams of poets, scholars and vagabonds all lead to Venice, where romanticism interweaves art, history and architecture into an experience that visitors never forget. Here, the city and the sea come together in a marriage absolutely unique in this world. It provides world-class hospitality as well as exquisite cuisine, the finest shopping districts and the most unique historic sites.

Venetian hotels combine ancient beauty with modern comforts for the weary traveler. There are accommodations for every budget, from five-star international hotels to quaint bed and breakfasts in the Venetian countryside to hostels that charge just a few euros a night. Whatever your price range, the city embraces all travelers with historic sights and flavors that are simply intoxicating and irresistible.

Where to Stay in Venice
For an extended stay, renting a room for a flat rate per week is a wonderful way to see the city and make some friends at the same time. Getting to know a family from Venice in such a way gives you an inside view of the city from the unique perspective of a local. It's usually cheaper than staying in a big international hotel, too!

It is possible to find quaint hotels in the city centrally located near famous landmarks and sites. The occasional room will be quite antiquated and may not even have running water, but will be beautiful nonetheless and provide a wonderful atmosphere with Venetian style. Many hotels offer bigger, more commercial tours and occasionally local tour guides who will rent out their time by the hour or day.

Venice for the Romantic in Us All
While in Venice, though, you will most likely spend very little time in your hotel. The gondoliers will soon beckon like sirens and lead you into a paradise of canals, gardens and piazzas where you will most certainly never want to leave. The city is saturated with romance, making it a perfect location for honeymooners. Many marriages have been planned from across the globe for the express purpose of exchanging vows in San Marco's Basilica.

There is enough to see to keep a motivated sightseer busy for weeks, but the pleasure of sipping an espresso in Piazza San Marco could perhaps be a delightful alternative to sightseeing. Whatever you choose to do in Venice, the sights will not let you go until they have captured you.

The Finest Venice Has to Offer
The finest shopping districts and the most unique historic sites fill the islands of Venice. Images of the gondoliers in the canals off of the Piazza San Marco are known the world over. The island of Murano is renowned for its unparalleled glasswork, produced at the Murano glass factory. The finest lace in the world has been produced on the Island of Burano for centuries. In the right time of year, it is even possible to see the Historical Regatta, a revered boat race through the canals that has been celebrated since the thirteenth century.

One cannot vacation in Venice without a visit to one of its many stunning opera houses. Choose from Palafenice on Tronchetto Island, Teatro Goldoni on San Marco, Teatro Toniolo and many more, all unique and exquisite and all showcasing some of the finest opera productions in the world. All of these places are only the beginning of the blend of culture, history and commerce that is Venice.

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