Venice Italy

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Venice Italy's beauty is so famous that her images are nearly cliche. Everywhere you look are images you've seen before--even if you've never been there. Pictures abound on postcards, posters, in movies, or other people's snapshots. "Oh, yeah. The gondoliers.... Cool." But then, as you explore her streets for yourself, it's as if you've never seen her before, as if no one has ever seen her before. That Venice is your special city. Your discovery. This is the miracle of Venice.

Considered the most beautiful city in the world, Venice Italy was actually built on what was thought to be uninhabitable islands. But quickly its strategic location made it the pivotal trade center connecting the west to the east. Soon Venice's wealth and power created a dynasty that stretched as far as Cypress and became the stuff of legend.

Beauty Beyond Measure in Venice Italy

There are too many masterpieces of art, sculpture, and monument to list. Days could be spent in Venice Italy and still not all of them could be seen. Weeks could be dedicated to the exploration of just her streets. Every nook and cranny holds a surprise, like some ancient carving, some unexpected doorway, some little mystery to be explored. Meanwhile you mustn't overlook the legendary canals with their colorful boats and even more colorful gondoliers, riding on the waters that are rising all the time, inexorably swallowing Venice at 2 and a half inches a decade.

Equally famous is how expensive Venice is to visit. Venice Italy knows her charms and charges top dollar for them. Food and wine, hotels and entertainment are all likely to cost twice as much as they will anywhere else in the country. Be prepared to open up your wallet, because by the time your children's children want to see this mysterious, romantic and potentially tragic place, the notorius beauty of Venice, Italy may be only a memory.

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