Venice Italy Lodging

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Venice Italy lodging, depending on where you stay, can be either a) a wonderful enhancement to a magical trip, b) merely a place to sleep, or c)really depressing if its not what you're expecting. With human traffic in Venice redlining the charts, rooms, apartments and B&Bs that are available are pretty hard to find. As a result, many first time travelers take any Venice Italy lodging they can find.

Sometimes it works out. A lot of the time however, the only available rooms "in Venice" are actually set in nearby Mestre (1/2 an hour away), which though convenient isn't a very pretty place. This can be okay if all you want is a place to crash at night. But if you were expecting to stay somewhere beautiful while visiting the most beautiful city in the world, it can be quite disappointing. Many travelers opt to take matters into their own hands and open up their lodging options by choosing a place perfect for what they want, that's located slightly out of town.

Venice Italy Lodging: Advantages to Staying Slightly Out of Town

There are multiple advantages to choosing Venice Italy lodging that's slightly out of the way of the tourist crush. Chances are your out of town lodging will be quieter and more restful; the air will be fresher and the atmosphere more tranquil--all of which can make for a nice balance after a day of frenzied, crowded sightseeing. And bottom line: you'll save a lot, and get much more for your money. For about the same price you'd pay for a small room with a shared bathroom down the hall, you might instead get a really nice, spacious suite with a private bath; or perhaps a fully equipped apartment with a private patio.

Thanks to the Internet, there are many quality options that you can check out before you book. As always, check for virtual guestbooks to see what the positive comments of previous guests have been. Remarks specific to personal service, the beauty of the grounds or hotel, and whether or not they intend to return are all good quality indicators.

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