Verona Italy

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Verona Italy is considered second in beauty and rich historic culture only to her famous sister Venice. Unlike Venice however, Verona is not as inundated by tourists. Most of the people you'll see walking the streets of Vincenza are not day-trippers, but actual citizens of this clean, prosperous, and very chic city.

Verona is a heady mix of history, music, art, style and fantastic food. Among the magnificent sights to see in Verona Italy are the Roman bridges built in the first century; the glorious churches, fountains and monuments; and the museums featuring medieval and renaissance artifacts. If you're a fan of Shakespeare, or just appreciate history delivered with a wink and a nod, be sure to drop by the so-called "real" home of famous Juliet.

Chief Attractions in Verona Italy

Pre-eminent in the list of must-see stops in Verona Italy are two ancient entertainment venues. The Arena was built in first century A.D. With seating able to accommodate 20 thousand, The Arena was once the site of gladiatorial contests and, yes, that whole nasty lion business. This dramatically atmospheric ampitheatre now hosts an annual, immensely popular opera festival.

Another back-in-action structure is the Teatro Romano. This semi-circular Roman theatre was built in the 1st century. As is appropriate in the city that's the setting of Romeo and Juliet and Two Gentlemen of Verona, the Teatro Romano is now the home of an annual Shakespeare festival. If you don't think you could follow the plot in the native tongue, take heart: every year London's Royal Shakespeare Company arrives for one week of English language performances.

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