Vicenza Villas Rental

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Vicenza villas rental opportunities are a unique alternative to run of the mill tourist lodging. While many hotels have details reminiscent of historic villas, actual villas have an authenticity that the pretenders can only hope to achieve. If history moves you, staying in a villa that's been around 500 years or so can certainly add a kick to your vacation.

Though they're more rare, there are some Vicenza villas rentals located on historic estates. These accommodations are often complete with their original grounds and gardens. If you're an armchair historian, or a die-hard romantic, it may be hard to beat the inherent romance of lodgings like these.

Across the Board Advantages to Every Vicenza Villas Rental

Regardless of how old it is, almost every Vicenza villas rental has certain advantages over a regular hotel room. The primary two are multiple living areas and having a kitchen. Just being able to close a bedroom door at night can go a long way to keeping traveling companions friendly and happy to spend the day together.

Having a kitchen has lots of benefits as well. First, you'll certainly save money on dining out. Seconly, you'll be able to enjoy the fruits, literally, that Italy has to offer. Visiting the colorful roadside markets in Vicenza with their fresh produce, pastas, herbs and wines may be more immediate and fun if you're going to try your hand at preparing them. And of course, being able to have a midnight snack in the kitchen makes any place feel more like home.

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