All Inclusive Jamaica Vacations

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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All inclusive Jamaica vacations are very popular; the resorts in Ocho Rios are all-inclusive, and those in Montego Bay and Negril are going in that direction. The convenience is hard to resist--all food, drink, and entertainment are rolled into one bill that is paid in advance. Not having to be concerned with carrying cash or credit cards is a relief--nothing valuable can be lost or stolen.

Any tourist who visits any country should have a clear understanding of what is included in the final bill, and what is not, before booking a stay at a hotel or resort for all inclusive Jamaica vacations. Charges often revolve around the number of meals to be included. Several standard plans are offered by providers of lodging for Jamaican vacations.

Meal Plans and All Inclusive Jamaica Vacations

Major resorts construct large-scale buffets, which are usually modestly priced, especially considering the variety of local and standard cuisine. For those who prefer a fixed package, one of the more popular meal plans is the Modified American Plan (MAP), which includes lodging, breakfast, and one other meal per day, usually dinner. This leaves the tourist with freedom to explore the town, or take a tour of attractions, during the day.

The standard American Plan (AP) includes all three meals; drinks and wine are often extra. The Continental Plan includes only breakfast, and the European Plan excludes all meals. Any a la carte ordering is simply added to the bill. Contrasted to this piecemeal approach are the all inclusive Jamaica vacations that include absolutely everything offered to guests by a particular resort. Toga parties at a Montego Bay resort, for example, are part of its Jamaica all inclusive vacation packages.

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