Jamaica House Rentals

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Jamaica house rentals can put you right on some of the world's best beaches. Step out your door, and you find yourself on the renowned seven-mile beach of Negril where you can just do nothing but lie in the warm sun and sip a tropical drink. Negril beach is one of the safest places for Jamaica vacation rentals. Visitors walk on the beach day or night, and meander through the town to visit crafts markets.

Generally, in Negril and in most towns in Jamaica, tap water is safe to drink. Fresh water springs and waterfalls are characteristic of the island, so safe water supplies are plentiful. Jamaica house rentals let you choose your own menus; local prices are quite reasonable for Jamaican products, but imported items are more expensive. It is permissible to bring canned foods into Jamaica if you just cannot do without a particular item, but check with an official source before packing for your travel to Jamaica.

Jamaica House Rentals on the West Coast

Negril, on the western edge of Jamaica, is not as extensively developed as Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, so it has more of a small-town atmosphere. Within walking distance of Jamaica house rentals are open-air crafts fairs, tennis and volleyball courts, and access to the ever-present watersports of Jamaica. Sightseeing in the region is exciting--Bloody Bay is at the northern end of the Negril coastline. This pirate sanctuary of the 18th century (there were female pirates, too) saw plenty of outlaw visitors who preyed on ships in the Caribbean.

Roaring River is just one of many sites favored by nature lovers because it is undeveloped and unique, with its gushing water emerging from the ground and flowing to join another stream. YS Falls are stunning, cascading falls located at the beginning of the Bamboo Highway along the south coast. This is definitely a day trip because of travel time, but also because you reach the falls via tractor-tram and an easy hike up along the falls. Rope swings let you drop into the river, and from a spot on top you can dive underwater and come up into caves that have formed underneath the falls.

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