Jamaica Resort Vacations

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Jamaica resort vacations are most often Jamaica all inclusive vacation packages. Island resorts are confined to the north and west shorelines, as these areas have the beautiful beaches and bays that have made Jamaica world-famous. From Negril on the west coast to Ocho Rios on the north coast, these miles and miles of white beaches are dotted with resorts and hotels. While most visitors sign up for one or another of these Jamaica vacation packages, there are other possibilities for more adventuresome tourists.

Although Jamaica resort vacations provide an incredible array of activities, some visitors might want to engage in a favorite pastime that is not offered by the resort facilities. In this case, a guest must choose from various plans carefully so as not to have duplicate payments for meals at the hotel and at other sites when away from the resort. If guests are planning outings, they might consider the European Plan, which is lodging only, or the Modified American Plan, which includes breakfast and one other meal.

Jamaica Resort Vacations and Special Interest Activities

Few Jamaicans have bicycles, unlike many other rural countries, but biking enthusiasts can rent bicycles in most towns. Road conditions are variable, and repair shops non-existent; bring a good supply of spare parts if bringing in your own bike. Hiking is a worldwide pastime, and Jamaica has some beautiful countryside; precautions must be taken, though.

Jamaica has few organized tours, but hiking tours are an exception. Guides are necessary to prevent hikers from getting lost or injured. The Blue Mountains are especially dangerous; less treacherous are hikes out of Port Antonio, on the northeast coast of the island. Hikes along the White River and Guava River take you into the midst of the Blue Mountains. Combining Jamaica resort vacations with adventure in the countryside is a great blend of comfort and excitement.

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