Jamaica Vacation Homes

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Jamaica vacation homes are amazingly affordable, considering their location in prime tourist areas of this lovely tropical island. Mixed among the huge resorts on the fabled beaches of Jamaica, these vacation homes offer a gentler, quieter stay in this country. When perched on the green hillsides, these Jamaica house rentals provide privacy and seclusion for couples and families.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of renting homes for Jamaica vacations is the freedom they bring to your days on the island. Do nothing, go swimming in turquoise waters, go horseback riding, parasailing, or touring. Without the restrictions of prepaid, all inclusive packages, you can choose activities and restaurants and meals at roadside stands to suit your mood.

Jamaica Vacation Homes and Eating Out

It would be a shame to miss the cuisine of any visited country, and Jamaican food is well-known in the United States for its tasty spices. "Jerk" has become a part of the vocabulary of many cooks in this country who want to produce Caribbean meals. Any visitor who rents Jamaica vacation homes has an opportunity to savor the many taste treats that are a part of island cuisine. Visitors who walk or bike along Jamaican roads are certain to encounter two things: reggae and the luscious smells of jerk.

Fish is one of the staples of the Jamaican diet, and it is fixed in many delectable ways, with spices, plantains, and rice. Caribbean lobster is on most menus, and it is grilled, cold, hot, or thermidor. Fried bananas and plantains, as well as sweet potatoes, are part of almost every main meal. Ackee and saltfish is the national dish; it is available at many hotels and at the more casual stands found throughout the country. If you rent Jamaica vacation homes, try to sample the delicious cuisine of this island.

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