Jamaica Vacation Villa Resorts

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Jamaica vacation villa resorts combine the best of both worlds: access to the great facilities provided by the major resorts, and the hideaway advantages of Jamaica villas. Resorts, large and small, along the seven-mile beach at Negril have small villas and cottages that provide privacy for occupants, but they also offer all inclusive Jamaica vacations. Montego Bay and Ocho Rios also have Jamaica vacation villa resorts that allow guests to use the private beaches and participate in the watersports offered by the resort, yet offer lodging in scattered villas for seclusion when desired.

Resorts often have elaborate buffets, which are reasonably priced, and entertainment every night. Jazz trios and reggae bands may alternate with bands that play standards, and dancing is a favorite evening pastime. The best nightlife may be in Montego Bay, which is a livelier spot than Ocho Rios, but Negril is judged to be more hedonistic.

Jamaica Vacation Villa Resorts and Nightlife

What makes for satisfying nightlife? This is definitely subjective, but there are some spots that seem to appeal to great numbers of visitors. Mingles in Kingston is one of the few safe places after dark in the capital; a bar and a dance club, Mingles is frequented by young people. In Montego Bay, Time 'n Place (actually in Falmouth, east of Montego Bay) is a beach bar made of driftwood. Although it doesn't look substantial, it has been used as a backdrop for fashion magazines; it is also famous for its daiquiris.

Also in Montego Bay is Margueritaville Sports Bar & Grill, which is the most popular sports bar on the island. The margaritas are excellent and the bar receives sports on satellite TV. The hot spot in Ocho Rios is Jamaic'N Me Crazy, which has great lighting and an excellent sound system. Hedonism II in Negril is an all inclusive resort that throws wild parties; if you aren't staying there, a pricey guest pass will let you eat and drink all you want. Whatever visitors prefer for nightly entertainment, Jamaica vacation villa resorts provide it.

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