Jamaica Vacations

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Jamaica vacations take visitors to an island riddled with lively rivers and waterfalls, blanketed with deep-green foliage, and bordered by sparkling seas. Though small, this island is the third largest in the Caribbean, after Cuba and Hispaniola (Haiti, Dominican Republic). Basically a limestone plateau that rises about 3,000 feet or more above the sea, Jamaica's highest point is Blue Mountain, at 7,402 feet.

The Blue Mountains form an east-west spine of ridges that are home to the fabled Blue Mountain coffee, the most expensive coffee in the world. This is a region of heavy rainfall, which leads to perpetually-lush vegetation. Hiking is a favorite pastime in this beautiful area. The limestone plateau to the west is called Cockpit Country, or simply, the Cockpits, and is used mostly for livestock grazing. This is treacherous terrain; there are no roads, so a helicopter ride is the best means of sightseeing on Jamaica vacations.

Jamaica Vacations in Paradise

Any potential visitor probably is aware of some of the outstanding scenery and qualities of the people that make this island one of the prime destinations in the world. Fabulous white-sand beaches are postcard-perfect; friendly Jamaicans are easy-going and hospitable. Certainly, there are areas of Kingston, for instance, where tourists should not go, and other areas where they should go in groups, but, for the most part, Jamaicans are remarkable for their welcoming attitude.

Jamaica vacations run the gamut from the very public, Jamaica all inclusive resorts, to Jamaica villa rentals where privacy and solitude are protected. With year-round temperatures hovering around 90 degrees, this is a land for outdoor activities: watersports, hiking, bird watching, touring. Special all inclusive resorts cater to families, or couples, or those who want to get married on this unforgettable island paradise.

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