Jamaica Villas

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Jamaica villas allow visitors to experience the luxury and privacy that come with wealth--but without the price tag. How is this possible? Renting privately-owned Jamaica villas means having fully-equipped homes at your disposal, with your own cook/housekeeper, for far less than the all-inclusive Jamaica vacations offered by nearby resorts. Villas on the north coast of the island are close to the ultimate resort area of Ocho Rios, a region comprised of great tourist and natural attractions.

Honeymooners, families, groups of friends--all can find seclusion at their residences while indulging in the area's great watersports and lolling on the white-sand beaches. The slower pace of the island, coupled with the peacefulness of the villas, lets visitors relax into a mellow mood. One of the great advantages of staying at Jamaica villas is you can arrange your stay--each hour, each day--exactly as you want it.

Jamaica Villas on the North Coast

Ocho Rios is the first location on Jamaica to be developed specifically as a major resort area. This exciting town offers visitors many options for lodging, recreation, and tours of the lush Jamaica countryside. The interior of the island is mountainous and often forbidding, but Jamaica is rimmed with miles of white-sand or coral-colored beaches that are gorgeous and sunny year-round.

Obviously, there are many types of accommodations along the Ocho Rios coast, but some of the most appealing and economical are Jamaica villas for rent. These private homes have high security, seclusion, and the deep quiet that comes from being perched on a hillside above the town. Complete with kitchen equipment as well as satellite TV and other electronics, these lovely homes can be a refreshing respite from the tightly-scheduled lives many leave behind during vacation.

Peaceful Environment at Jamaica Villas

Security at these mini-palaces is ensured by high walls and other measures that make for a care-free experience. Many villas have private beaches, yet are only a few minutes from the hustle-bustle of the Ocho Rios nightlife. Families might find these homes especially suitable for their Jamaican vacation because of the tranquility and safety they offer.

If you so wish, you don't need to leave the environs of your villa. The cook/housekeeper even does the grocery shopping (guests pay for the groceries, of course). Jamaica is world-famous for its easy-going lifestyle, and many visitors come here expressly to enter a different world and relax. Should the mood strike, there are always the shopping centers, bars, beaches and watersports of lively Ocho Rios.

Attractions Near Ocho Rios

All-inclusive resorts offer convenient packages, but for those who prefer to let their inclinations guide them day-by-day, a comfortable stay at Jamaica villas is just perfect. Stay at home if you wish, go water skiing if you feel like it, or see the dazzling natural sights of Jamaica. Just west of Ocho Rios is Dunn's River Falls, perhaps the best-known locale on Jamaica.
Time your visit to avoid the crush of tourists off cruise ships that dock at Ocho Rios. Regardless of the many visitors to Dunn's, all agree its natural beauty is worth the effort.

Fern Gully is another local must-see; the trees in this beautiful canyon filter sunlight to create a protective covering for the ferns on the ground. Dolphin Cove is the latest attraction here; you can actually enter an enclosed area and swim with dolphins. A short distance from Runaway Bay, just west of Ocho Rios, are the Green Grotto Caves, formed from the limestone that constitutes much of the interior of Jamaica. Also in this area is Cranbrook Flower Forest, a perfect setting for weddings, nature walks, and meditation. There are many spots on Jamaica--including resorts--that are perfect for weddings, with secluded honeymoons at Jamaica villas.

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