Jamaica Weddings

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Jamaica weddings are among the most romantic in the world. World-famous for its sunsets, crystal-clear waters, and tropical beaches, this island provides gorgeous natural settings for weddings, and a variety of ideal accommodations for Jamaica honeymoons. Wedding ceremonies can be arranged indoors or outdoors, at hotels and resorts, or on stunning white-sand beaches.

Some hotels will make all arrangements for Jamaica weddings, and include all expenses in the bill--sort of an all inclusive wedding ceremony. In addition to the costs of the ceremony itself, expenses include a government tax and any transportation costs. Visitors can be married just 24 hours after arriving on the island if a marriage application has been filed previously and been granted by the government.

Regulations for Jamaica Weddings

There is no blood test required for weddings in Jamaica, but paperwork may take a while, so ask for assistance from knowledgeable Jamaicans. Your hotel and the Jamaican Tourist Board can help with the required forms, and you can apply in person at the Ministry of National Security and Justice in Kingston. You will need proof of citizenship, which could be a certified copy of your birth certificate that includes your father's name.

Affidavits are required that declare you have never been married before. Widows and widowers need a certified copy of the death certificate for their spouse. Special requirements apply to Italian nationals and French Canadians who want Jamaica weddings, as well as to individuals under 21. Finally, the ceremony must be performed before 8 PM, and two witnesses must be present.

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