Jamaican Hotels

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Jamaican hotels are mostly located on the beautiful north shore, where the beaches and bays create a watersport wonderland. This region has the lush rainforest vegetation and striking white beaches that dazzle tourists to this tropical island. Although Jamaica weather is temperate all year, there is a rainy season from May to November or December that may cause minor inconveniences to outdoor enthusiasts.

Even during this off season for tourism, however, the late afternoon rain comes in short bursts, so planned events or outings can usually proceed. The official hurricane season lasts from June to November, but hurricanes rarely affect Jamaica. Hurricane Gilbert, however, did serious damage in 1988; it killed 45 people and left a quarter of the population without homes.

Jamaican Hotels and the Meet-the-People Program

Jamaica all inclusive resorts have come to be predominant on the popular western and northern coasts, but there are alternatives for tourists who prefer a less public and exuberant visit. By booking a stay in Jamaican hotels, and paying for lodging only, you can then be free to explore the "real" Jamaica during the day. The Jamaica Tourist Board conducts a Meet-the-People program in Kingston and the five major resort towns of the west and north, and it is a perfect way to blend lodging and exploration on Jamaica vacations.

Designed to let tourists meet Jamaican families for a few hours or perhaps a day, this program provides a safe way for visitors who are strangers to Jamaica to socialize with local families. Families register with the Tourist Board, and then are matched with visitors who have like interests. This is a free service provided by the Tourist Board. At the end of the day, tourists return to their Jamaican hotels.

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