Rent A Villa In Jamaica

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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To rent a villa in Jamaica, simply go online and search any websites on Jamaica. Tourism sites, travel agency sites, government sites--all will provide information about lodging, recreation, tours, and attractions. Individual villas maintain websites also, but unless you have stayed at a particular villa, you probably don't know the names of any places. No matter, just search for "Jamaica villas" and you will have a lengthy list to study.

Resorts offer many facilities, but they are really kind of one-size-fits-all operations. Despite many kinds of housing units and themed decor, resorts are big and public. Anyone wanting a more individualized, quiet stay might look at ways to rent a villa in Jamaica. Vacation villas in Jamaica are often owned by wealthy Europeans or Kingstonians who only stay in their luxury homes a few months out of the year. The villas are completely outfitted, therefore, because they are actually homes that are lived in.

Rent a Villa in Jamaica and Explore

One of the great pleasures of staying in villas in Jamaica is being able to spontaneously take a trip here or eat a meal there. There are many must-see places on the north coast of Jamaica, and one certainly is Blue Harbour, the island home of the English playwright, Noel Coward. When he arrived for a visit in 1944, he fell in love with Jamaica. Returning in 1948, he rented Goldeneye from his friend Ian Fleming and built Blue Harbour at Port Maria east of Ocho Rios.

When his sanctuary became too popular with his friends--Sir Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Errol Flynn, Katharine Hepburn, John Gielgud--Coward built Firefly on a nearby hilltop. With panoramic views of the Caribbean and the Blue Mountains, this house exists today pretty much in its original state; Coward died here and is buried on the grounds. Blue Harbour can be visited or rented in whole or in part by those who want to rent a villa in Jamaica.

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