Runaway Bay Jamaica

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Runaway Bay Jamaica lies directly west of the major resort area of Ocho Rios on the north coast of the island. For those who want their Jamaica vacations a bit toned-down from the more touristy Ocho Rios, Runaway Bay Jamaica offers fewer resorts and good beaches. Superclubs' Runaway Golf Club is located here, and Sandals' impressive Golf and Country Club is in nearby Ocho Rios. Visitors interested in a quiet, luxurious setting can find villas available for rent in Cardiff Hall Estates.

For families who want a less frenetic setting, one north coast family resort provides a personal attendant who takes care of cooking, cleaning, and child care. A Kiddies' Centre has a wide range of activities for children: computers, arts and crafts, recreation. All meals and activities are included in the price, which makes it easy for families to budget.

Runaway Bay Jamaica for Adults

Although Jamaica in general does not accommodate gays and lesbians, and is a socially traditional country in many ways, it does have its unconventional side. Ganja (marijuana) is illegal, but some tourists and locals smoke it on the streets of Jamaica. It is so readily available that tourists will probably be asked several times if they are interested in making a purchase.

Likewise, conventional dress is expected in restaurants and resorts for dinner, but there are beaches where nudity is permitted. Hedonism III is an isolated, all-inclusive hotel at Runaway Bay Jamaica that is dedicated to fun for those who travel to Jamaica. It rents rooms to singles and couples over 15 years of age, and has two beaches, one of which allows nudity.

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