Vacation Rentals In Jamaica

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Vacation rentals in Jamaica offer great lodging for those who prefer more low-key Jamaican vacations. Jamaica all inclusive resorts offer attractive package deals and participation in many activities, but guests may miss seeing Jamaica entirely. Vacation rentals in Jamaica range from studio apartments to cottages to private villas perfect for families, groups, or honeymooners.

Staying outside the all inclusive resorts does mean you need to know more about the island because you are more involved in Jamaican society. Be careful, for instance, about exchange rates. Local banks or the Cambio are safe places to exchange American dollars for Jamaican dollars. Lately, the rate has been approximately 60 Jamaican dollars to one American dollar, but this fluctuates.

Preparing for Vacation Rentals in Jamaica

Getting acclimated to a new country can be difficult, but Jamaica is relatively easy because English is the official language even though most Jamaicans speak a patois whose lilt is familiar to many in the United States. During the winter, Jamaica is on Eastern Standard Time, as is New York. The island does not change to daylight savings time, however.

Tipping is always an important aspect of traveling; in Jamaica, tipping for services is customary. In hotels and restaurants, 10-15 percent is appropriate. If a service charge is added--and it usually is--three to five percent extra is expected. Tipping would be expected at vacation rentals in Jamaica for services from staff, but supposedly, tipping is not permitted at all inclusive resorts.

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