Vacation Villas In Jamaica

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Vacation villas in Jamaica are in prime locations from which to explore the Jamaican countryside and the Jamaican culture. Although local artists do not yet rival Haitian artists, they have improved in technique in recent years. The best paintings are in galleries in Kingston, but paintings are sold all over the island. Crafts are available at Things Jamaican, which has several stores in Jamaica, and at Harmony Hall in Ocho Rios.

The island has a rich artistic heritage that goes back to the pre-Columbian era when the Arawak Indians scratched petroglyphs on the walls of caves. Since its independence from England in 1962, Jamaica has made advances in artistry, and prominent Jamaicans have promoted the paintings and crafts of local artists. Reggae has had a strong influence on the visual arts; Rastafarians are the subject of many paintings, as are animals and religious symbols.

Vacation Villas in Jamaica and Reggae

Jamaican vacations would not be complete without sampling the local food and without listening to or dancing to reggae, and this is made possible by living in vacation villas in Jamaica that give you access to the countryside. Of course, it is virtually impossible to avoid hearing this compelling music because it is everywhere. Resort bands play it, bands at festivals play it, and the people on the streets play it. Its infectious, syncopated beat is forever associated with Bob Marley, a Jamaican from Kingston who became one of the most famous singers and musicians in the world.

Reggae is associated with the poorer classes of Jamaicans, and it is filled with political, social, and religious comments and images. Marley infused his songs with resistance to racism and injustice, and poor Jamaicans today still identify with those sentiments. One of the direct origins of reggae is calypso, and another famous Jamaican and calypso singer, Harry Belafonte, is still a musician and a political activist. All this and more is an intimate part of Jamaican culture, and vacation villas in Jamaica allow you to immerse yourself in this fascinating heritage when you travel to Jamaica.

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