Lake Tahoe Family Vacations

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Some of our fondest memories are of those special times we spent with our families away from work and school and in places where we could see and do things that were not available at home. For parents, those vacations were times to treasure the family as a group. For children, they were exciting adventures of exploration. All too soon, children become young adults, and the memories become even more precious.

Family Vacation Resorts

Today's families are more frazzled than ever, with more distractions pulling people apart. That's one reason why more and more families are choosing to seek family vacation venues such as those in Florida and California. There are, however, other really great options, ones that do not involve lots of hype and outrageous expense. The southern shore of Lake Tahoe is one such area.

Great, affordable lodging is available, including world-class resort hotels, cabins, condos, and even bed and breakfast inns. There are dozens of activities to enjoy all year round, including skiing, boating, fishing, horseback riding, golf, family attractions, community events, and more. At the same time, the grandeur of nearby mountains and the splendor of one of the world's most beautiful alpine lakes surround the family with peace not easily found in other locations.

Checking out what is available at Lake Tahoe is easy. There are dozens of websites dedicated to helping visitors find just the right rental property or other accommodations at the best possible rates. Privately owned and managed, many of these locations offer virtual tours and availability calendars showing prices and detailing how to book them online. Families can even search for accommodations with the specific amenities they enjoy, and some even include camps for kids and sports lessons.

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