Lake Tahoe Motels

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Lake Tahoe boasts approximately 1,500 hotel and motel rooms and suites with an average year-round occupancy of 55 percent. There are also more than 30 meeting sites with 13,000 feet of conference space available as well. Motels include everything from budget to luxury. Just about every major hotel chain has at least one location in Lake Tahoe, and many offer reduced rates depending on the time of year and other factors such as national club membership discounts.

Finding and Reserving a Motel Room or Suite

You can search for the best deals, for a particular hotel chain, or for budget or luxury options right online. Most websites will ask for the number in the party, the dates, and amenities desired. Many motels advertise their basic rates online and then deduct for discounts.

Booking your choice is easy. Booking a room online generally requires a credit card, and it's important to understand whether a deposit is refundable under any circumstances. Most motels simply put a hold on the card and do not draw out the funds until the party is leaving the premises. Advertised prices for chain motels range from under $30 per night to over $200. Obviously, the more amenities a group requires, the more expensive the motel will be, but there are some great deals to be had. Even when booking online, it's a good idea to call the toll-free number to find out if the party can qualify for discounts. This must be done in advance of the trip.

Today, even some of the least expensive motels are offering amenities such as coffee makers and coffee in the room, cable television with pay-per-view access, and discounts to local attractions. Mid-range motels may include refrigerators and kitchenettes as well as heat lamps and upscale furnishings and linens. Upper range motels often include hair dryers, mini-bars, and snacks. Fitness centers, heated pools, and saunas may be available as well. Depending on the type of vacation activities that are important to the group, it's a really good idea to find out where the motel is in relation to access to those activities.

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