Lake Tahoe Pet Friendly Lodging

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Vacationers who want to bring along their four-legged family members have to do a little bit of extra work when it comes to searching for Lake Tahoe lodgings. Some of the factors to consider are whether or not the pet will be comfortable in the lodgings, what the additional costs may be, whether outdoor kennels and runs are available, and even whether they might engage the services of a pet sitter if needed.

Features of Pet-Friendly Lodgings

Nearly all types of vacation accommodations that allow pets have very specific rules and regulations in terms of what size pets are allowed, where pets can be walked, or whether the pet needs to be in a carrier or kennel if the family goes out to dinner or to an attraction. Hotels and lodges are more likely to allow pets in designated rooms than are privately-owned rental cabins, houses, or condos. There are, however, some private families that are okay with pets in their rental homes.

Pet-friendly lodgings will often provide lists of nearby veterinarians who treat pets on vacation as well as information about local parks and attractions that allow pets. This can be an important aspect of a vacation since leaving pets alone in a hotel room for extended periods of time may be very stressful for both pet and family. On the other hand, knowing in advance what types of activities can be shared with pets helps the vacationers to plan.

It is especially important to ask questions when booking a room, cabin, or other lodgings whose advertising indicates that pets are welcome. Determine in advance whether that policy is still in effect, and make sure the parameters, rules, and regulations relating to pets are clearly stated on a written registration confirmation. This will help to avoid problems in planning the trip and during the family's visit to Lake Tahoe.

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