Lake Tahoe Property Management

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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For those who own property in the South Lake Tahoe area, the option to rent out vacation cabins, homes, and condos when they are not being used by the family is an excellent way to make a profit while letting a property management company handle all the details. Let's face it, families with vacation homes seldom use them more than a few months a year, and, rather than leave them empty the rest of the time, it makes financial sense to rent them out.

Maintaining Control Over Your Property

Experienced professional property managers provide a number of services to renters on behalf of the owner. At the same time, they assume a level of responsibility for the upkeep of the property and make a concerted effort to keep the property well maintained. A management company has the expertise to market the property and to screen occupants to meet the owner's criteria.

Some of the services provided to the owners include security management, security checks on renters, landscaping, hot tub and spa maintenance, and interior cleaning. If the management company is professional and follows through on supporting renters, repeat bookings and referrals can become common. Property may be advertised online, in travel publications, and, especially in the Lake Tahoe area, in magazines that appeal to skiers.

Many Lake Tahoe property management companies have websites that actively solicit property owners who may not have previously considered renting their homes. Checking out descriptions of the services one or more property management companies offer is a good way to get started. It's also a good idea to contact property owners who use the services of any company under consideration for references. Generally, it is also a good idea to discuss the parameters of the arrangement in detail, and to discuss any contract with an attorney. The property owners should always have the final say about what renters can and cannot do on the property.

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